Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ageless Beauty & Grace

     I thought I would share with you two very special members of my family.  Both of these remarkable ladies are still able to live alone in their own place.  They, of course, have help with daily things like cooking, cleaning, etc.  While these ladies' bodies may have weaken with time, both still have minds that are "sharp as a tack"! 

Aunt Lucy ~ 100 yrs

     First, is my Great-Aunt Lucy, on my mother's side.  She celebrated her 100th birthday this month! Two weeks ago we attended her birthday party at the clubhouse in the apartment complex where she lives in Georgia.

Grandmother ~ 96 yrs.

     Then, last weekend I was at a family reunion on my father's side with my grandmother who turned 96 years old last April.  Granny lives in her own home in Florida.


      In Titus 2:3-5 Paul admonished older women to be "teachers of good things" to the younger women.   I believe that regardless of our age, we have a responsibility to be "teachers of good things...that the Word of God be not blasphemed."  And what better way to teach than by example. I'm thankful for the graceful and beautiful women in my family that loved me enough to teach by example the "good things" about the Lord.

     I hope your day is a blessing...thanks for taking time to stop by!

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  1. Hi Pamelyn, Thanks for sharing these two dear ladies with us. What a blessing for you for them to have been your mentors. ~ Abby