About Me

My name is Pamelyn and I live in Georgia (United States).  I am a Christian and hope to share some of the numerous blessings the Lord showers on me each and every day.  I love to read, play the piano and organ, watch old movies and spend time with my beloved nieces and nephews.  I retired from the banking industry in 2003 due to health issues but keep very busy making greeting cards, scrapbooks, volunteering in our church library and spending time with those beloved nieces and nephews. 

I've been a "blog lurker" for a long time, but this summer I decided to try writing my own.  What a blessing it has been for me!  I am so grateful to the kind bloggers out there that are willing to share their expertise with a novice! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.  I'm new, so please honor me by following and commenting as I share with you how the Lord is blessing me.



  1. Enjoyed the "Beautiful Feet" article. Where did you get your inspiration for that one? Connie Parrish

    1. You know how a verse rolls around in your head for a long time and then one day it seems to be in everything you read? That's kinda what happened with this. I had actually done a study of this verse back when I was teaching Sunday School ~ kids don't believe it's really a Bible verse until you prove it to them! Thanks for asking! -- Pamelyn