Friday, July 5, 2013


Circa 1963-64
One of the things that makes a family special to each other is their family history and the milestones that are important to them.   To most people, June 30th, 1963 was probably an ordinary day, but to our family it meant the beginning of many blessings.

Last Sunday, June 30th, marked the 50th year anniversary of my Dad surrendering to preach.   In 1963 my parents had been married 6-1/2 years and had 3 children.   June 30th of that year fell on a Sunday and we were in services at a Baptist church on the west coast of South Florida.  During the invitation of that service my Mom was saved and later that afternoon my Dad answered the call to surrender his life to preach.  I was 5-1/2 years old at the time and my only remembrance is a lot of crying going on with my parents.  However, I was OK with the emotional upheaval because in spite of the tears it seemed to me to be a happy time.  All in one day my Dad's career changed and we began making plans to move so Dad could enroll in Seminary.  I've always loved the fact that my Dad and I started the first grade together ~ he in Seminary and me in public school.  My Dad has been the Pastor of 6 churches in Florida, Alabama and Georgia.  Dad will never consider himself “retired” from preaching God's Word; however, he retired from pastoring in June 2008 due to health concerns. 

God has richly blessed our family.  My Dad's surrender to the Lord's call made a difference in my life. The years were not always easy for my parents but God always saw fit to provide for our family in tremendous ways.  (He still does, by the way!)  Whenever there was a need, God never failed to supply!  

I don't want to leave our Mom out of this tribute.  A lot of times the Preacher's Wife is the unsung hero of the story.  I think back on the fact that my Mom became a preacher's wife on the same day she got saved.  She truly had no time to sit and ponder the changes about to take place in her life.  She will tell you that only the grace of God helped her through those times when she felt overwhelmed.  

I am so very proud of my parents for the total commitment and sacrifices they made 50 years ago.   I am so blessed to have grown up in a Christian home and to be a PK (preacher's kid).  Dad and Mom have slowed down a bit in recent years  - he will be 78 in September and she will be 75 in August, but they continue to serve the Lord as they committed to do all those years ago.  I am so thankful to the Lord for calling my Dad to be a preacher of the gospel.  
Blessings, Pamelyn

"Preach the Word;  
be instant in season, out of season; reprove, 
rebuke, exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine."  
II Timothy 4:2

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