Thursday, May 9, 2013


I'm contemplating buying a new computer.  My current computer has been a good one, but the time has come to upgrade.  I've noticed that I've been having to use that little REFRESH key more often.  I like how it works ~ the computer gets stuck, or freezes up, and by pressing the refresh key --eventually,  the system is revived.   I got to thinking about getting stuck or freezing up in my Christian life.  Where's my REFRESH key?  All believers go through times when all is not well in our spiritual life.  I believe the Bible teaches that once you are saved you are always saved, but because we are human and the nature to sin is still within us, we have the need to be renewed and refreshed.  Our walk may not be as close to God as it once was and we simply need to "get back on track" with the Lord.

Lack of Bible study and prayer, unconfessed sin in your heart, and slackness in church attendance are among the most common reasons why a believer needs refreshing.  It is so simple to say, "I'm going to do better", but as we all know, there is great difficulty in actually doing better.  As much as we may want to, we cannot restore ourselves.  Restoring and refreshing is God's work.   We must, however, place ourselves in a position so that the Lord can restore and refresh our walk with Him.  I've listed three REFRESH KEYS that may be helpful in getting ourselves back on track with the Lord. 


 King David experienced a time when his spiritual life needed some refreshing.  Psalm 51 records his pleading to God to restore the fellowship he once had with God the Father.   The first refresh key is for the believer to PRAY.  David poured his heart out to the Lord and confessed his sin.  As I read this psalm I can feel the desperation in his heart.   David was not ashamed to say, "Lord, I really messed up this time, please help me."  David's sin was not a secret to God.  He already knew about it and was patiently waiting for David to confess so He could forgive him.  God promises to treat all of His children the same.  Don't ever be too ashamed to tell God you messed up.


The next refresh key is READ YOUR BIBLE.  I know I sound like a broken record because I repeat this in a lot of my posts.  It is because I feel strongly that believers are missing out on so much by not taking time to read God's Word.  There is power in God's Word for the believer; that power is made available to the believer when God's Words are hidden in your heart. 


The last refresh key is FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHER BELIEVERS.  Equally important as prayer and bible reading to refreshing a believer's heart is being with other believers.  Sharing our burdens with others helps to restore and refresh our spiritual life.   Jesus established His church during His earthly ministry so that we could bring honor and glory to Him.  But He also knew that fellowship among believers was vital to the Christian life as a support system.  The worse thing one can do when going through spiritual difficulties is to become slack in church attendance.   In essence you are denying yourself the love and support of fellow believers.  Our pastor and his wife have a 2 year old daughter who calls going to church home.  She walked in church the other day with her mother, saw her best friend and said, "See Mommy, she's home."  Such wisdom in that!  I pray that the church you are a member of is home to you.

These three keys are important to me personally, but perhaps you have others that help you in your daily walk.   I look forward to hearing what keeps you on track with the Lord.


Source:  King James Version

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